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Vampire Nightmares A flashed animation of a gothic nature.
The Dagon Story
both current and ancient history.
Vampire Love letters A real life fable of true love and other nightmares.
DarkenAngel Poems, Writings, and the artwork of the prolific DarkenAngel.
, The complete Brom Stoker Novel on-line.

Classic Vampire Literature
By J. Sheridan Le Fanu 1872
By John Polidori 1819
Varney the Vampyre, or The Feast of Blood By James Malcolm Rymer 1845

Dagon Interviews.
John Astin
Gomez Addams himself where we talk about Edgar Allan Poe, Batman, and of course The Addams Family.
ElviraMistress of Darkness herself.Elvira's career.
Dark Shadows David Selby Quinton Collins on Dark Shadows. Barnabas Collins, the Dark Shadows movies, an original Dark Shadows poem by David Selby.
Michael Myers &
Halloween Talking horror and stuntwork with the hack man himself.

Edgar Allan Poe
The Poems Of Edgar Allan Poe

The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
Dagon reciting classics like The Raven and the best poem ever penned; Annabel Lee
Annabel Lee penned in Poe's own handwriting.

Goth Radio - Or as I like to call it, music to die by; heavy metal hard goth rock. And some new age death.

State by State Cemetery Listings. A guide to graveyards with over 10,000 listings across the country.
Graveyard Gallery the more beautiful cemeteries including graves, crosses, tombs, angels, and numerous ghouly statues.

The Library of the Classics
Complete Novels in my on-line Library
Dracula by Bram Stoker The Novel that started it all.
Frankenstien by Mary Shelly - Such an incredible read.
The Strange case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Phantom of the Opera by
Gaston Leroux
The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wild
Plato's Dialogues of Atlantis by Plato
Edgar Allan Poe

Wicked Lester
The hottest band in the land KISS The best heavy metal hard rock and roll band

RealVideo Movies Swordfighting, fire-breathing, extreme ninja pro-wrestleing, and more.

Dark Art in the Gallery
M.C. Escher


Lynn King