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Staring out the window 
Overcast sky 
A bitter breeze blows 
Stirring the warm air 
A fever burns within me 
A tremor reigns through me 
The circle has closed, come again 
Time come back upon itself 
The past altered and returned anew 
Come to taunt me again 
An ache beats in my chest 
Tears sting in my eyes 
I'm going to lose love again 
Once again Happiness alludes me 
I was called a fool for believing once 
This is the price for not listening 
A cry constricts my throat 
Nails bite into the windowframe 
Stop this... 
Save me... 
I don't want to feel this 
Experience this again 
Why must I always pay? 
Why must I always hurt? 
Rain falls from the sky 
Lands on my tear-stained face 
Answer me... 
Help me... 
My strength must come again 
I knew this would happen 
It always has before 
But still I'll hold on 
Until the pain kills me 
Until I am forced to release 
Another lie calls my name 
False happiness beckons from afar 
Tears rain on the ground 
My word is my life 
His promise was Love 
But what is Love without Trust? 
The words dropping from my lips are senseless 
Madness knocks at the door 
My words confuse even me 
I know what I want 
I know what will happen 
All I want is simple... 
I cry silently 
I love you 
I'll become yours 
Though I may never really have you 
A chance I'm going to take 
What have I to lose now..except myself 
Just trust me.. 
Just love me.. 

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