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Drab, irritating existence 
Stretching from past into infinity 
The marks of the years are endless 
Life's road trodden once, twice, once again 
Inevitable repitition, Always 
Fleeting glimpses of war, fading memories 
Fluttering at the edge of subconsciousness 
Detachment while walking in the daily world 
The souls of the Dead cry out beneath my feet 
Agonizing, deprived of this continued path 
The dust of this beaten, well-traveled road rises 
Clouds my vision, gives the Dead vengeance 
Fleshless hands claw at my soul 
Seeking to drag me down to their place 
A resting grave in which this soul will never lie 
Eyes made ancient in this youthful form 
Essence creating intimidation in the young unknowingly 
The Angels watch my trial without pity 
After all, it was they who stripped me of my wings 
Tossed me down to the earth along with the others 
Our only task to teach Love and Compassion 
I am growing increasingly weary 
The tug of the Dead seeks to weaken me 
One spirit presses against my back 
I can feel his hot breath blowing down my neck 
The presence trying to smother, trying to kill 
To destroy the light surrounding me 
Emanating from within me... 
Onward I trod, plodding with dedication 
This circle has begun again 
The storm is at my back 
Yet I see clouds in the distance ahead 
Endless, continuing circle of Living 
The Dead forever underneath my feet 
Each Passing, each Life, each Awakening 
Strengthens this soul, strengthens this Will 
Even as walking this path grows wearisome 
I forever continue on towards the next Life 
The next plain of Reality 
Eternally walking on, never ceasing 
Never stopping, never resting 
Always Living. 
Always breathing. 
Always trying. 

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