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Grinning Cheshire Cat 
Stupid sculpture 
Staring at me 
With those huge eyes 
Painted china 
Grinning its stupid grin 
In the midst of my sorrow 
Light glinting on porcelain 
So much work into this thing 
Someone wanted to make this 
Wanted a work of art 
So created the glass, happy cat 
Grinning at me 
Unnerving is the expression 
Frozen, never faltering 
Never changing, eternal 
The clock ticks 
So loud in my ears 
And I sit in my white room 
Staring at the glass cat 
As I stare I grow mad 
How dare it smile while I cry?! 
I knock over the statue 
Hear it break against the floor 
I look down with satisfaction 
Then my gaze turns to horror 
Grinning Cheshire Cat 
Painted mouth and large eyes 
Stupid sculpture 
Staring at me.... 

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