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Realm of fantasy 

Land in a bubble 

floating along the imagination 

beautiful world 

desired existence 

A place of no pain 

Where the word 'betrayal' is not known 

where men can act as children 

Yet always act like men 

A place where all women are beautiful 

Regardless of weight or hair color 

A place where innocence is forever 

and Wonder is never lost 

A place where Time has stopped 

And each day is lived like the first 

And the last... 

Danger is unheard of, laughed at 

Where rape doesn't exist 

Or murder 


Or hate 

a realm where peace is most treasured 

And most abundant 

Where the moon and sun are together 

And the stars whisper in the ears of children 

And the Muse guides the artist 

And speaks with him over his work 

But this lovely little place 

This land in a bubble 

The bubble of imagination 

Will never appear in true form 

Just as the fragile orb will never burst 

Always there as I walk the world 

this damned world... 

I shed a tear for its blindness 

And a sigh for the things it will never... 

Ever comprehend, or want to.. 

Its people hate, judge, envy, lie 

Murder, steal, rape, destroy 

They only see beauty in the women who sparkle 

and never see the beauty in the quiet, insecure girl 

Its men act like children 

But rarely can act as men 

Innocence is only for the newborn, and the mad 

And the artist cries over his blank canvas 

His inspiration quenched 

Children only hear silence from the stars 

and kill each other with guns at school 

I slip back into imagination 

Shut my eyes against this.. 

Retreat, oh fragile soul.. 


Slip back into a world of dreaming 

An existence of peace 

Oh how I long for thee.. 

Little world in a bubble 

Oh blessed, unattainable realm of fantasy..

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