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Golden eyes, sharp teeth 
Ruthless monster, power demon 
Frightful entity...shapeshifter 
Gazing at me, whispering to me 
Eternal irritant, reaching for me 
Seeking embrace, seeking my body 
Help me, stop me, save me... 
Damnable being!  Wretched curse! 
Stop it!  Leave me! 
Leave me my soul, free my life 
Damn you back to Hell 
I'll not be your slave! 
I'll not be your victim! 
I'll not give in, though I may never sleep again 
Protect me, help me, save me... 
The darkness is so cold 
Warm it, Inner Light 
Protect me, cherished Faith 
Guard me, blessed Assurance 
Help me, dearest Friends 
Help me, stop me, save me... 
Golden eyes and razor teeth 
Ruthless monster, power demon 
You'll not have me 
I defy thee! 
I am my own 
I'll never surrender to your desires 
My soul is Mine 
My life is Mine 
Forever Mine. 

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