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She sings to you in the night 
Disguised as an ocean's wave 
She kisses you very softly 
Disguised as the wind's embrace 

Calling you forth dear sailor 
Dare you enter her world? 
You walk from your silent chambers 
To the deck, eyes watch the sails unfurl 

Her magick wind carries you away 
As her voice calls from the depth 
"Come to me, man of the sea and water 
Let me show you a sweeter death." 

"Than the one given by mortals 
Than the one given by men 
Leave all of your possessions 
Your loves, your fate, your sins" 

You step to the rail, her song in your soul 
Her beauty causing you tears 
Her gentle hand touches you in the wind 
Calming the deepest of your fears. 

You rise and stand upon the rail 
You spread your arms to the sky and cry 
"Take me oh beautiful creature of legend. 
Show me what it is to die." 

"A death most pleasant to my form 
A release from the heartache I feel 
The loneliness of separation from my lover 
May she soon join me in your depths here." 

You step out upon the air to fall 
Into this seemingly calm embrace. 
A jolt of pain and cold is felt. 
You feel her touch your face. 

She laughs softly as you fight 
You struggle for your breath. 
Her laugh is heard in your ear 
"Oh foolish child, now feel death." 

"Death of the Siren, so sweet and free 
Eternal, beguiling, and true. 
For centuries we've taken your kind. 
And we've saved a place for you." 

"So sleep, dear child, enjoy thy rest. 
Listen to my eternal songs. 
Ignore the cold, for the freeze of death. 
In Hell, won't be felt for long." 

You choke and fade in her hold. 
Soul in anger from betrayal, dying. 
You fade into the depths of legend. 
Victim to the temptations of the Siren. 

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