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Captured in colored glass 
The eyes are sad 
She's sad to be bound 
Sad that her snowy-white wings 
Are held in this glass prison 
Collecting dust 
One crystal tear gleams 
Frozen on her dusty cheek 
She holds against her chest 
A beautiful dove, so innocent 
Caught between her breasts 
She cries because she can't move 
Can't set the beautiful bird free 
Lilies adorn her hair 
Hair blown by an eternal wind 
Frozen, held suspended 
Locked in her glass prison 
Light shines through, around her 
Hollow eyes gaze always down 
The warmth of her brethren can't reach her 
Can't warm her 
She's forever sorrowful 
Forever trapped 
A voiceless whisper permeates the air 
Echoes in the space around this frozen angel 
Only five words, filled with hate and sorrow. 
"Damn this stained glass prison." 

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