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Mortal child, human child 
Deluded child 
Misunderstanding one... 
How I cry for her as I watch 
The hands of man are so cruel 
Groping, heartless thieves 
Stealing the souls of innocents 
Ruining purity 
Bringing tears to the just 
Pity from the wise 
Disgusting hunger 
Consuming their bodies 
Shining in their eyes 
Feeding their lust with no thought 
No cares for the victim 
They beat her down 
Tear her down 
Pull her down 
Then leave her to die 
Poor, ruined child 
Misled, defeated child 
Crying, holding the broken shards 
Staring down at the remains of her heart 
Opening her hands 
The pieces float into nothingness 
Nothing, everything, anything 
Rise my child, I am the teacher 
Your Angel, your Mercy 
Forget the hurt that was 
The fragments that were a soul 
Are crushed underfoot 
Take my hand... 
She rises a woman of the world 
A temptress, seductress 
Cold vampyress of a woman 
Gripping men's hearts 
Ripping, shredding them 
Repaying man for her past 
Mortal child, human child 
Deluded child 
Misled one... 
Oh how I weep as I watch her 
As I watch her turn into them 
Disgusting hunger 
Repelling, twisted world 
Poor child... 
Help these poor children 
Before they all become monsters 
Before they all succumb 
Before they all live in Death 
And forget what Life really is... 

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