Transcript of a Tape Recording
by the Vampire
Dagon the Vampire

Transcribed and Edited by Henry Hunt


Testing, testing, how, now, brown, cow.

One, Two, Three, Four

(Strange howl, then laughter.)

I'm on the air.

(Giggle. Throat clearing? Pause)

My, my, where do I start? Such a long, long time . .....


Time . ....


They say time heals all wounds, but let me tell you,


can cut pretty deep too. .... .

Especially when you're all alone and trapped in it.

Well, let me tell you why I am making this recording,

I want you to understand more about me, my love.

And I want to tell you things that I can not say to your face.

Then you can decide for yourself.

But please remember,

I am telling you these things because I do love you,

and I want you to know who I am,

This is very hard for me

But listen,

and I will abide by your decision.

I am getting way ahead of myself,

You don't even know that there is a question, yet.

(Or do you?)



Well, At any rate. Here we go.....



. .. As far back as I can remember

(or want to.)

is somewhere around the first Millenium.

I do remember being old then,

and I was already a Dark Brother in the family of the undead.

Maybe I can't recall it

because there was so much pain associated with those fading first memories.

One of those first memories was actually working in a traveling minstrel show,

As an acrobat or magician of some sort,

Which seems pretty silly considering that it was my chosen profession,

Out of fear.

TERROR more like it!

(You wouldn't believe what fanatical humans did to vampires around 1000 AD)
Double OUCH!!!
I'll have to tell you about it sometime.


At any rate.....


Ohhh, And then there was the Mediaeval period

Which in my opinion, is a highly over rated time.

It was a dreadful era I assure you.

That is when I even tried my hand at monarchy . .....

... I figured, what the hell. Ya know.
The Castle

It did not work out the way I expected.

I know what you are saying,

just like Brom Stoker's Dracula,

I did love that book.

But unlike Gary Oldman, my fingernails are for real.
My Finger Nails
And I mean really, a religious megalomaniac, impaling people at will......

I'm sorry, that is just not my style.

But I can say that I sure did learn something about my unquenchable thirsts

and my unbound limitations.

I will have to tell you about it sometime.

(Working my way up from Wizard Priest and all.)


At any rate.....


In between such various disasters

It seemed I always went back to the traveling shows....

The glorious spot lights of

"The Stage"

Where the supernatural is admired, and even celebrated.

Swallowing swords for coins .....

Breathing fire for bills ...

Sing my song to a special fan.....

Grab a quick bite ... And on to the next town.

Which is why I have such an affinity for all those years traveling,

touring, (hiding), with

"The Dead"

How ironic. I love it.

My contemporaries in cyberland

say that I am stuck in that wonderful age.

Truth is, I would still be in

"The Traveling City"

if it still existed.

I will have to tell you about it sometime.

(Thanks Jerry!)

The Hippie Vampire

But just like Atlantis,

It disappeared in disaster,

and its surviving residents scattered themselves in the remaining cultures.......

Atlantis .....

Wow, major flashback.....

I think I have a memory of that day where I ....what the....

(unnatural screeches and howls, a crash, then a gap in the tape.)



At any rate.....


After that, I tried my hands at my own Rock bands,

going on that long strange ride for myself.

I have also appeared live and in some videos

of some popular heavy duty and industrial groups.

Mostly on fire no less.

I know, I know, you are saying, just like Lestat ...

But this part is true, and quite different I assure you.


But I must say I truly loved all of,

"The Vampire Chronicles"

But unlike Tom Cruise my hair is real



But in real life

Being the front man Vampire in a Metal Band is a little more tricky.

No big concert halls for me.

Mostly a long sting of local bars and large underground rave parties.

Bouncing from band to band.

The Lifestyle seemed to be designed for me.

Sleep all day and kick it all night.

Just like old times, and no one was the wiser.

Besides I love the intimacy of the bar scene.

So close to "the people."

You do not know how much I enjoy dancing among you,

and you never know how close you are to the edge.

Neither do I, really.

It is wonderful the adulation and anonymity that a great bar band receives.

Immediate and total gratification

from fans who didn't even know who you were 2 hours ago.

And then the next day it is as if they never saw you

and another band comes along....

I love it!

I always have.


I have basically been doing the same schtick for ten centuries.

Oh I have refined it.

And have had to fit in, and alter my niche to fit my mood or the times.

But for the most part it has been pretty easy.

The thing is, every once in a while,


rears it's ugly head.

That has always been my problem.

What usually gets me into trouble,

Is not being able to keep myself under control.

I always want to have too much fun.


I've got to be careful.

But I can not imagine what I am hiding from.

We all live in a delicious time.

You can be what you want to be, do what you want to do.

A hideously massive responsibility,...

But do you really want to hear my thoughts on such matters?

and should I really share them with you



Ah what the Hell. ......



After one especially bad episode in '69, (that's 1969)

Where I unfortunately, kind of, "Freaked Out"

after biting someone who had just dropped acid,
(Which was not my fault.)

and the advent of syphilis, hepatitis, and then A.I.D.S

poisoning the world's delicious blood supply.....

Now you might ask,

So what, you're immortal right, so what do you care?

Besides the taste, of course.

But, I mean, if you do not wish to curse the ones you love

You must watch them grow old and die, or ...... ..

Let me tell you a little story,

Once I was in love. ......

And my mate contracted the Black Plague.

And before my love died, gave it to me.

I did not die, but I wish I did.

I was dreadfully ill for decades. ...

It sucked!

Truth is I do not know what is going to happen until it does.

So a vampire has got to be careful where he sticks his fangs.

And because of these things and more,

I have totally, totally, totally, sworn off "The Kill".


Seriously, when that white hot, mind numbing, hunger

seared through every fiber of my being for the first time,

I had to look that demon in the eye.

I had the equivalent of an atomic nicotine fit.

I lost control, but did not kill.

But I do have to admit,

That I broke into a blood bank............


Cold blood out of a tube,

is like warm beer out of a boot.

But it will have to do,


Now I have a bit more forethought and actually purchase it

In the advent of just this type of emergency.

This my sound gross to you,

But really,

I have the right to exist as much as you do.


How much innocent blood was spilt for your last meal.


Do not get me wrong,

I am no saint,

I regret to admit I am responsible for some blasphemous deeds.


Years ago when I was High Priest in some silly Pagan Cult.
The Pagan Wizard

Oh, the bingeing we used to do.

And the willing followers, too.

The crazy, crazy things you humans do.


To get drunk on human blood can be quite a buzz.

Oh yes.

But the hang over will kill you,


Except you're still unlive to experience every miserable second of it.

It sucks!

So I have turned over a new leaf, in spite of what I am.

I mean, just the bizarre outside chance that there is a grand scheme

or karmic justice where we all get just what we deserve,

Jars me to the bone!

Be it ever so humble there's no place like Hell.
Fire's Cool

I mean, I could never commit suicide.

I feel, if it does exist, I haven't earned my way out of HADES yet

So I am just being the best Nosferotu I can be,

having a good time along the way,

And trying to make my miserable existence a little bit more meaningful.


And let me tell you,

Unlife is no bed of roses

as a Vampire with an overdeveloped sense of morality.

When I go underground for extensive periods of time,

dire straits creep up on me pretty quickly.

Once I was even so broke I applied for a job at a trick shop around Halloween.

They hired me on the spot.

I sold a lot of bogus fangs saying they were just like mine.

And I did make up,

Boy, do I know what a wound looks like.

I love splashing on fake blood

and having fun pretending to be a blood sucking vampire again.
My Impression of Marv Albert
God, it makes me laugh....

Halloween makes me laugh.

Man, it makes me howl.

I love it.

I get to cut loose as everyone else hides themselves.

(Or do they?)

CRAZY! CRAZY! Stuff you humans do.


(Sounds of a straw sucking an empty glass? then a growl or a purr? Not sure. Then a gleeful burp. Throat clearing?)

Pardon me.



At any rate.....



My quest is truly for love.

Although I can not imagine why I keep running away from it ..............

Well, Perhaps it is because my overwhelming experience tells me,

That it burns hotter and more totally devastates on a larger scale

than yucca flats after the blast.

I don't know.

My life would be easier if I believed that.

But, If I did, I would surely go mad!

So I leave a glimmer of hope in the cobwebs of my hardened heart.

But I do not want to be too conspicuous.

That is why I am here flexing my ego to the world from .... God knows where.

Is this a story about myself, or, am I alluding you?


It's so fun!!!!


That is as much as I wish to share with you, presently.

Besides I have rattled on long enough.

These are honestly just thoughts off the top of my head.

We will get more in depth with


But rest assured that I have very strong feelings for you.

And I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you.

I regret to say I cannot tell you the way I feel, not yet.

There is more you need to know about me,

And I, you.

Perhaps there is more I need to know about myself.

You see, I have been burnt so many times before.

The stakes are high.

But the pay off is so potentially large,

I feel I must try,

And try to do it right. ......


At any rate ......


I have enjoyed this discussion with you, it was quite therapeutic for me.

And I am sure I will continue to have fun ripping out my heart and pinning it to my sleeve,
My Heart is on My Sleeve

For you.

Besides even though we have met,

you still have no idea who I am.

I hope you don't judge me too harshly,

Because, after all, if I wanted to, I could just absorb you,

But I would never do such a thing,

I love you too much.

And please,

I know I have covered a lot of ground,

Innocents and mayhem all at once.

I know it is not nearly enough.

But it is a start.

So if you have any questions about anything I have said,

or any other matter,

Feel free to ask me anything!!!!!

And if you wish,

drop me a line, draw me a picture, sing me a song,

So I have some connection back to you,

And maybe have some idea where you are coming from.

If not, then stay silent, and listen,

And I will continue pouring out my liver to you.

Until you tell me to stop.

I could wait forever, I've got the time.

But eventually, things must come to their natural conclusion.

But who knows what that will be?

Only Time will tell. .....


is the fire in which we burn.


Well, I hope I have made a connection with you in some small way.

If so, I would love to touch you again.

Until that day,

Like it or not, I am here to stay!!!!!

My name is Dagon

the paranoid,


hard rockin'







(Triumphant? Mocking? Laughter.)

(End of recording)










Transcribed by Henry Hunt

Editor's Notes
(I transcribed this writing from a tape that Dagon left at my work station at Haunted America where I work as a graphic artist. This is something that I wouldn't normally do, but Dagon asked for me specifically, which is pretty scary. He seems to have made my work station a second home sometime in the wee hours of the mourning when we here at Haunted America are closed, which in and of itself is pretty incredible, considering we have an alarm system and all. My boss, tells me this is an incredible opportunity. I noticed he isn't doing it.

But I accepted the job, and tried to transcribe the audio the best I could. I stuck in the graphics he left, and put in my comments, in blue parenthesis, and links where I thought they should go. But something's are indistinguishable and there are some strange noises and interruptions, and sometimes he rambled on incoherently, and sometimes he was extremely lucid on some controversial topics that he told me not to include, so it has been edited to some extent, but I believe it retains 80% of its original flavor.

I haven't met Dagon and have no desire to. He called me once to make some corrections and changes, but that's as close as I want to get to him and I'm sure reading this, he would respect that. On this tape, I'm not sure if he's talking to someone in the past, or to someone he is pursuing now, or maybe he has no one particular in mind because he's just talking to everyone. I hope he's not referring to me.

I realize that this is a disturbing story, at least it is when I Listen to it.  I will continue putting his stuff on the web as long as I'm told to, and he keeps leaving his tapes, disks, files, and his mess.)


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