Vlad Dracula Timeline

Dracula's Birth
Vlad Dracula was born. And shortly afterwards, Dracul his father, is invested into "The Order of the Dragon"

Dracul, Dracula's father, obtains the Wallancian throne (a southern distict of Transylvania) from his stepbrother Alexandru Aldea.

Dracula as a Child Taken Hostage by the Turks
Dracul, Dracula's father, and his sons, Dracula and his brothers, get imprisoned by the Turks.

Dracula, now 12 and his younger brother Radu The Handsome become hostages of the Turks to guarantee the loyalty of their father who is put back on the throne of Wallanchia.

Turks take Greece

Dracul (beheaded) and his son Mircea (buried alive) get assassinated for complicity with the Turks.

The Turks take the Balkans except Albania.

Dracula's First Brief Rein
October- November 1448
Vlad Dracula, at the age of 18, obtains the Wallachian throne briefly for the first time

The fall of Constantinople.

Dracula's Second Rein
Dracula, at the age of 25, obtains the throne for the second time and his rein of terror truly begins. Kills Boyars

The Turks conquer Athens.

Easter, Vlad kills the Boyars. Also burns alive German trainees

Vlad Dracula campains against the Turks along the river Danube, During the summer retreats to his capital of Tirgoviste

Vlad has his famous encounters with the two monks.

Dracula's Imprisonment
Just before the battle at Dracula's castle his wife commits suicide by juming into the river. Dracula flees to Transylvania and get imprisoned in hungary for 13 years. Vlad's brother Radu the Handsome takes the throne as a puppet of the Turks.

Michel Beheim recites his poem "Story of a Bloodthirsty Madman Called Dracula of Wallachia" to the Holy Roman Emperor, Fredrick III. Also Biographies of Dracula are first printed in Vienna and became the first horror bestsellers.

Vlad converts to Catholicism to take a Hungarian Noblewoman as a wife so he can get out of prison and to become a candidate to his throne.

Vlad's brother, Radu The Handsome is over thrown

Dracula's Third Rein
1474 In November Vlad obtains the Wallancian throne for the third time

Dracula's Death
December 1476
Vlad Dracula decapitated at the age of 46

Russian historian writes a biography of Vlad Dracula. Partly taken from interviews with Dracula's son

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